Likezap app was created in 2013 after CEO, Florent Bonacorsi, got into a road accident.

The problem is simple : We don’t have a straight-forward & simple way to communicate without touching or watching the screen.

Every manufacturer have been trying to create their own version, which is a good initiative but it won’t solve following global issue :

1.5 million people die on the roads worldwide each year due to distracted driving. Having a phone in your hand or texting increases your chances of getting into an accident by 20x.


The Voice technology

After 5 years of thorough testing, the Likezap team launched the beta app version on Play store on 01 of February 2021.

The winning cocktail was an app that exclusively does voice command and voice messages. Likezap uses third party APIs and open source voice recognition systems to provide the best experience possible.

From 0 to 10 000 downloads in 2 month, 1000 active users daily.

Testimonial from Kimberly Michelle (USA), 3 of June 2021 :

“The app works pretty well, I enjoy using it. I got the app because its convenient when driving and not only when driving, but when am busy. I like the voice command and pretty much everything.”


Our aim is not to compete with the popular social network market and messaging titans. You won’t see ads or commercials from Likezap around.

In the USA, thousands of trucking, logistics and delivery companies hire drivers without providing them a tool that would let them communicate hands free excluding bluetooth call systems from the truck/car maker.

A Virginia Tech study suggests that drivers who use hands-free electronic devices are less likely to get into a crash than those who use handheld devices “primarily cognitive secondary task of talking on a hands-free device does not appear to have any detrimental effects.”

Driving safely requires three things: keeping your eyes on the road, your hands on the wheel, and your mind on driving. The problem with most “hands-free” devices is they don’t cover all three. Most require the driver to engage in some action, such as pushing a button or looking at a display, which requires them to violate one of these safe points. The National Safety Council says drivers carrying a conversation on a cellphone can overlook up to 50% of what’s occurring around while looking out the windshield.

Knowing what it takes to maintain those 3 security points Likezap provide short voice notes only messages (10 seconds) based on asynchronous discussions. Which means, no need to carry a full phone conversation which is not safe. It also means, no voice to text or text to voice so we avoid robot mistakes, translation mistakes and let the beauty of your real voice shine.

Access in premiere to our services, we give you yearly engagement discount at 5400 usd no matter the number of drivers in your team :